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from National Folk Festival Canberra

A place where people honour and respect nature – Ingrid Rehle-Williams

Multiculturalism – Multiracism – living with nature in a beautiful place – Guth

People supported and energized through the use of colour in corporate environments – Clare Hopkins [email protected]

Equality for all people, animals, plants – the whole environment respected and in balance, no exploitation.

Unity – Acceptance of all human kind

Try and save our inland rivers – June Barker A seed from a tree is a growth of a lifetime in freedom – Ariel

For those in power to think more responsibly about this beautiful land – don’t burn our timber to get charcoal – We love and need our trees – Mogo

For people to accept everyone else

Working with kids – feeling free – Jaime Dobson

I see Australian as taking a new dreaming to the world – sustainable life practices in every area will be developed.

Kids get the vote


Humans respecting each other, and the plants and animals – as equal living beings who think and feel,

The land for all people’s – the land for tolerance – the land of diversity which will lead us to understand the need for co-existence.

Time to honour the seasons, the land

I’d like to see more space for nature of Australia for the sake of the nature itself and the sake of we as humans.

Children running in a meadow, laughing, playing leaf races in a stream, and each child you can see is loved and treasured within the community, for who they are in their individual brilliance – Ayanda

To develop and maintain eco friendly environments for recreation and education – Martin Sonderen

Retain the trees and keep Cape York Beautiful

May all being live in harmony and healthily – Teo Chin Kiok

I love to see people working in harmony with nature, to live & respect our beautiful planet before it disappears

Talk to your children as if you have just met them. Ask them who they are and where they are going in life Z (Wollongong)

I would like to see more land returned to the Aboriginal peoples and a separate culture.

The Aboriginal flag on the southern cross and recognition of Aboriginal sovereignty. The two cultures together and co-existing.

Australia – a country free of feral animals and where habitat preservation for native animals is a priority.

People loving gum trees for their beauty and magnificence, strength and wonder

A society based on conservation and restoration of nature – Todd More Nature reserves

Living with the land, not “on” the land

At the moment repair is still possible – it’s time to start Beauty, power and durability – Elizabeth McGregor

Volunteers for a better Australia


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