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Australian Leadership – for Your World

Following is an extract from a speech “A sustainable planet – a future for Australia” Delivered by Greg Bourne, CEO, WWF-Australia 9 November 2005 as the eighth Annual Hawke Lecture. Greg Bourne was CEO of BP Australia. See

“We must value the future – build resilience – start a revolution

…. right now there is work to do. And there is already work being done. There are tens of thousands of Australians who are making their own contribution to a sustainable Australia, tens of thousands just getting after it.

They value the future, they value our wonderful biodiversity and they set about protecting it. There are business folk who are just getting their heads down, creating new products and services, quietly achieving the impossible every day. I salute you all.

We need our politicians to have a vision of ‘Sustainable Australia’, a vision 50 years out at least: one which is non party political, one which empowers and excites the electorate.

We need our business leaders to have a vision of ‘Sustainable Australia’. We need them to seize the opportunities that come from doing business in a sustainable manner.

We need our community and religious leaders to have a vision of ‘Sustainable Australia’. We need them to understand the importance of the environment upon which all life and human progress depends.

Each one of us needs to have a vision of a sustainable Australia, one which we have in common and one which we demand of our leaders.”

Full speech available at http://www.hawkecentre.unisa.edu.au/events/lectures/2005AHL.htm#Eighth_